Landscape Design – The Lynx Mountain Resort & Casino Florina

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TITLE:                       The Lynx Mountain Resort & Casino Florina

 PROJECT:              Landscape design of The Lynx Mountain Resort & Casino Florina

CLIENT:                   Private

LOCATION:           Florina

AREA:                     6.500m2

 YEAR:                     2018-2019



 Landscape Design: Thanasis Polyzoidis (topio7)

Architecture:  De.Ar a r c h i t e c t s

Interior Design: thingk.interiors

Lighting Design: LUUN

Photos credit by Yiorgos Kordakis



The Lynx Mountain Resort & Casino Florina (former Xenia Florinas) is located on a hill among woodland and adjacent to an archaeological site, on a clearing between steep slopes. It has panoramic views of the city, the distant horizons, and the forest. The climate has intense temperature changes with snowfall in the winter months. The landscape design aims to create a contemporary and coherent outdoor space that is integrated into the special characteristics of the site.  The idea relies on the osmosis relationship between the site and the nature that surrounds it, on the dialogue with the linearity of the building, and on the exploitation of the distant horizons. Linear elements such as paving strips, prismatic planters with concealed linear lighting, and canopies organize the space and mark reference points in both the spring and winter snowy landscape. The new plantations enter the proposal as a “colonization” of the plant communities of the wider forest ecosystem, contributing to the ecological interconnection and the alternation of the landscape image based on the different seasons. The existing high vegetation is maintained with special care in the exploitation of the view of the distant horizons.



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